Our festival scheduled for August 2017 has been CANCELED.
It is with regret that the decision to cancel was made but it was the right decision. Our huge success from last year created too many obstacles to over come for proper planning this year. Parking and Traffic and a conflict with the fireman's carnival down the road were the main concerns.
Maybe with some time for detailed planning with the county government, a 2018 festival could be planned. Standby!!
The Talbot Paramedic Foundation thanks everyone for their support over the past five years.

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The Great Chesapeake Balloon & Wine Festival
to benefit Talbot Paramedic Foundation

Spectator Photos/Videos: 2016

-- Hot Air video --Doug Phillips on Vimeo.
-- Curt Brandt Photography sharing over 1100 photos/videos
-- Betty Horne Fowler Beautiful Photos
-- Video courtesy of Tony Stapelton
-- Video courtesy of Tina Thompson
-- Video courtesy of A Yaniuk

Delighted Passenger Comments 2015:
I really enjoyed my flight. It was a unique experience and I'd definitely do it again!
I'm sure there are those who hesitate to fly for one reason or another. I'd like to reassure them on a few points:
You don't want to go alone: Well, once you step into that basket, you're not alone! There's your pilot and the other passengers. People get very chummy, sharing an experience like this.
Cost: Arguably, it's a pricey way to spend half an hour. But it's never going to get cheaper. If you've always wanted to fly, then find yourself a good pilot (like Ron), plunk down your money and just do it!
Motion sickness: I don't know if the experience is the same for everybody, but I didn't have the physical sensations I expected. My stomach did not lurch as we lifted off. I never felt like we were moving in a particular direction, or that I was traveling backwards (I hate sitting backwards on a train!). And I hardly even felt the landing. There was nothing to detract from the enjoyment of watching the scenery around and below. I felt as if I were standing on a balcony and everything else was shifting around me.
The experience was peaceful and natural, and I only wish it was longer! Thanks again, and I'll see you again!
Best regards,

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Lead photo courtesy of Craig Wagerle

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